Friday, November 19, 2010

Here are a few more pictures of the
rugs that were worked on during this 3 day
workshop period.
Sorry I don't know whose rug this is - I do know
that this rug caused Cynthia to discuss with all of us
the use of "tongues" in design and how
to handle hooking them. The discussion was very
enlightening. She talked about how designers often
do lovely designs and then when they get to
the border of the design often seem to "rug out of steam."
This is Jill's rug. The was the first time that
Jill had worked with a wide cut strip of wool. She loved it
and truly was having a good time working on this piece. I am anxious to see it finished. Her pineapple was wonderful.

This is Ron's piece. You can see that he

just barely got started. He was working on another

project during the workshop. This rug sparked Cynthia to give

us all hints on how to hook letters.

This is Jennifer's project. It is a very long

piece. Her stars are beautiful color combinations.

This runner, also a very long one, is Anne's project.

The colors in this have a bit higher chroma than

some of the other rugs. She is planning to take the

center green out and make the inner background lighter.

Sorry I don't know whose rug this is nor do I

remember seeing it during the 3 days.

This is Mary's rug. The colors in this rug are very

soft and muted. It is truly a beauty.

As you can see my computer has a mind of its own. When it takes a "mind cramp" it insists on double spacing everying. No matter what I do it still double spaces so please just bear with me.

I know that I have missed several rugs. I will try to get more pictures at our next guild meeting. I do not mean to offend anyone but sometimes all of my pictures do not transfer to the computer. I suspect that I do something dumb when I take the pictures.

In the meantime, I have made some progress on "Adam and Eve" but I have put it aside for the moment. Our guild chapter is having a Christmas ornament swap at our December meeting so I have stopped to make a few ornaments. Also, I have hooked the angel's wings and I am not quite pleased with them. I think they will be all right when I get the background around them but I need to "live" with them a bit to see if they are what I had hoped.

Tomorrow is the open house day of all of the crafters living in the area of the Pleasant Valley. It is an event looked forward to by all of the residents of this area. We have wonderfully talented people living in our valley. Many of them are nationally known. My daughter is coming over and we will make the journey to my favorite potter's studio plus several others. I hope to be allowed to take some pictures and I will report on this later.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Enjoy this wonderful fall weather.



Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
So much eye candy. They are all gorgeous. Once again, thanks for sharing!
Hugs :)

Julia said...

Doris, thanks so much for taking the time to show these beautiful rug in progress. I love them all but my favorite is the one that has the pale green center. I agree that it might be nicer with the darker center and lighter border.
Take care, JB

weaverpat said...

Thanks, Doris for sharing the superb rugs that were being done in this workshop. Such talented hookers!
I can't wait to see the progress on your Adam and Eve.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Just now getting time to look over your class with Cynthia. She does look well! Would have loved to take another class from her sometime, but wish her well on her retirement and spending it with her husband.
Lovely rugs, thanks for sharing.. Just went back and looked at your previous posts. I have the pattern that Mary is doing. Love what she has done! Everyone did a great job..