Thursday, November 11, 2010

All baskets in this entry are handmade
This is an egg basket
A very utilitarian bowl - natural and brown
Hand sewn large pine needle basket with feather

Pine needle basket with lid. Embellishment on
lid is an ivory rabbit.
The ribbons say it all

A nicer pictures of this basket

The certificate of appreciation for beauty
in Maryland, awarded in 1993 by
Governor D. Schaeffer
A small modern basket with driftwood handle

A very large basket, two color, with lid

A oval Nantucket evening purse with
blue lining - a very usable item

A larger oval Nantucket - all purpose basket

A hand sewn pine needle puzzle basket -
very contemporary

Two more intricate designs

A pair of wall baskets - large and small

Close up of large wall basket
All of the baskets shown in this entry were hand made by my daughter Kristen. There are many more baskets in this collection but this is a reasonable sampling.
Kristen was killed in a head on car accident 4 years ago this
The cause of the accident was a gentleman
reaching for his cell phone!
Please, please give full time and attention to your driving.


Julia said...

Oh Doris, I'm so sorry about the tragic death of your talented daughter Kristen. This was so unnecessary and must still be so fresh and painful for you, I can't imagine. My condolences.

I love all kind of baskets but these are very beautiful Kristen was so talented. You must be so proud of her Doris.

One thing I can't understand is why our province of New Brunswick still has not banned the use of cell phone while driving is beyond me when a lot of the other provinces were quick to ban its use while driving. Hugs. JB

Orange Sink said...

Your baskets are wonderful and I am so glad you chose to share them with us. If I could I'd reach out and give you a big big hug. To have such treasures hand made by your daugher is indeed precious. Her talents were a gift from you Doris!
I am drying my eyes and sending you prayers and sweet blessings as you remember your daughter today through these lovely baskets.
Cathy g

Kim said...

Such a senseless tragedy. Thank you for sharing these beautiful handmade art pieces. My province has a cell phone driving ban. I don't understand people who still continue to risk public safety.
Hugs, Kim

weaverpat said...

Kristen's baskets are works of art. You have certainly passed your talents on to your daughters!
So much creativity in one family!!!

We always expect our children to outlive us. It is a terrible thing to have our dear ones go first. I can't imagine how devastating it would be. Please know that Zip and I are thinking of you!

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
My heart aches for you. Like Pat said, our children are supposed to outlive us.
Kristen was a very talented basket weaver. I have not seen such weaving talents from a single individual. My favorite is the egg basket. I would have sworn it was an antique!
Hugs :)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Beautiful baskets Doris. I didn't know kristen was a basket maker also. Very talented. So sorry for your loss.