Thursday, June 24, 2010


The weather here in Maryland is atrocious! They just announced (it's 2:30 pm) that it is 100 in Frederick. We have had a straight stretch of 10 or more days with 90 plus degrees. I'm sure that everyone is working their air conditioning overtime. Since my house is not so equipped, Eloise and I have been running the fans 24/7 at full speed.

The good news is that the garden is beginning to produce. I have been getting Kohlarbi for several weeks - but the squash and peppers are just beginning to be big enough to eat.

This is yesterday's harvest, two kinds of squash and the kahlarobi and a hot pepper.

I got up early yesterday morning trying to beat the heat. Into the dye pots I went and before 8 am I had done 4 different coat hanger dye lots.
I am very pleased with the finished product. I moved the drying rack out on the lower patio and the wool was dry in no time!
When I went out today I noticed that one of my favorite lilies was in bloom so I just had to take this next picture.

I decided yesterday, that in view of the weather forcast, it was going to be to hot to cook for the rest of the week. Seemed to me that a trip to the Dutch market was in order. It is one of the most delightful places in Hagerstown. Come along with me and see some of the items available!

The market is on the Leitersburg pike just off of Northern Ave. Easy to reach and with lots of parking. It is the anchor store of a small shopping center.

There is always something interesting on the "front porch" as you walk in. Look at these cute birdhouses. So charming it would be difficult to choose just one.

Once you are inside there are so many choices. Beautiful furniture is available along with all sorts of wooden things and nick-knacks of various materials

This is one small portion of the cheese counter. Not only are there lots of imported cheeses but many homemade ones as well as homemade butter! The butter is so yummy!!!
This is just a small sampling of the types of things available. The meat counter is always lined and do take a number if you hope to get waited on.
Rhiels bakery sends your smell and taste buds to heaven. Just look at the treat I bought myself.

Did you ever see a prettier cherry turnover - or one so big for that matter. I will not get on the scale tomorrow morning - better to wait a few days and diet hard
Here are a few more goodies I brought home. Lovely home grown tomatoes, scallions, strawberries that look as tho they have been taking harmones, jars of pickled asparagus and dilly beans. and skewers of vegetable and sausage. These are all things that I love and can eat cold (except the skewers) on these very hot days.
As I have been preparing this blog, the sky has darkened and we have had a few claps of thunder. No drips of rain as yet. At the first clap, Eloise went under the bed and I'm sure that I won't see her again until the barametric pressure returns to normal. Try to keep cool and have a wonderful weekend. Don't forget to be kind to each other and tell your family how much you love them. Unkind thoughts have no place in our world!

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weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
It's been too hot to dye even before 8 a.m. here. Ugh!!! We don't have a/c either so are running the fans full blast. Thank goodness for shady trees!
What are the hours for the PA Dutch market?
I am a cheese lover to the extreme. What kinds did you get? We aren't cooking much either.

Try to stay cool! Hope you got the rain.