Saturday, July 17, 2010


I have not posted for so long I am beginning to wonder if I still know how! I have been somewhat under the weather for the past 3 weeks and have just not had the energy or patience to update my blog. I hope all of my friends out there are still my friends and will be a bit patient with me. In addition to not feelng well, the weather here in Maryland has been so hot you could fry eggs on the street. It sure does effect one's attitude and seems to sap whatever strength you have.

I am beginning to feel better so I ventured to the Grant Street Woolworks last Thursday to the open house hook-in. It was very kind of Pat to take some pictures of the rug that I was working on and post them on her blog. This picture shows a bit more of the design. Her closeups show the shading and individual colors better than this picture. The rug was designed by P.K. McGown and is called Pompadore. These really are very fancy pompom type flowers.

Madelaine, Linda's grand daughter is visiting. She is a beauty and a real charmer. Linda was busy hooking on Thursday, so Madelaine was acting as the "hostess with the mostess." She was busy serving crackers, drinks and cookies to everyone. She drew a darling picture of Eloise and wrote a very sweet note. I tried to get a picture of the note but the pencil was to light to take a good pic.

I caught Kathy as she was taking pictures of the ladies hooking. We had a new hooker join us on Thursday. This was her first experience with a hook and she was doing a great job. Sorry I didn't get her picture, another young beauty. It always does my old heart good to see a 10 or 12 year old interested in hooking.

Here are Pat and Barb deep in conversation. Pat is putting the finishing touches on her "secret" nature rug. Her method for doing this is quite fascinating. She moves the string along as she whips and this keeps the round piece from puckering. Very clever!

The weather has been so dreadfully hot that I have not gotten much hooking done. I had planned to get my new pictorial about half done during July and August. Aah! the best laid plans of mice and men always have a way of going awry. I also notice that the hooking room seems to be much more messy than usual. Surely the night time gremlins are busy in there when I am not looking - I'm sure that Eloise would not be hooking in the middle of the night.
We havested the last of the blackberries today. The bush was really prolific. The berries are large and very sweet in spite of the heat and lack of rain.
Until we meet again, do try to keep cool. I will be doing a rain dance until I see some result. Happy hooking all.


Orange Sink said...

Hi Doris,
I wanted to tell you that I've never seen such beautifully hooked flowers and leaves on a rug! You are truly the master of this type of hooking. Such patience and devotion you have! It inspires me to keep trying to perfect my technique.
I am so sorry that you've had to endure such hot and humid weather this summer and not feeling well besides. Things tend to straighten out in time and somehow we find some new energy to keep us going. I'm glad you were able to post and I look forward to seeing more of that beautiful rug. Pat's close-ups on her blog really showed the detail and the wonderful colors. She's a pretty darn good photographer! Hope Eloise is enduring the heat wave!
Cathy G

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Thank you for adding more pictures of the Grant Street hook-in.
I was so glad you were feeling well enough to come and join us! Hope it wasn't too tiring. This heat just wears a person out!!!

Glad you're posting again, dear friend!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Your rug is looking beautiful Doris. Glad the heat didn't keep you from coming to Grantstreet.
I just wish someone was there to take a quick pick of your rain dance :)

Anonymous said...

The heat does affect our moods!! I am so ready for some rain and when it does i am going to lie naked in the front lawn and enjoy every drop!!

Beth said...

I love the rug... the chrysanthiums are sooo beautiful .. esp.. the lavender one.. hope to see you soon. . !