Monday, June 21, 2010


Yep, Kris Kringle is finished. I started this piece in April when Norma Batastini came to the Grant Street Woolworks in Chambersburg, Pa. It was a real fun piece to hook. I asked Norma to dye the background for me. I was busy with students and other things and just didn't have the time to do it myself. She did a great job and I really like the way the background turned out. I'm not sure it really shows in the picture but I have hooked it in swirls so that it looks like he's in a snow storm. The "fur" on his robe, his beard and hair are sculpted. I have never figured out how to make sculpting show in a photo so you have to take my word for that. I am really pleased with him and am planning to enter him in the Maryland State Fair.

My Asian Lilies are in bloom. What a delight they are! We have planted a long row of day lilies along the front of the property and they will start to bloom next week and last thru August. The Asian Lilies are in another flower bed adjacent to the day lilies and bloom first. They are extremely tall and have very large blooms this year. They speak for themselves!

I hope all had a great day with their fathers or thinking of the good times they had with him. Have a good week and try to keep cool.


katie said...

I really like your rug. Yes I can see the snow swirls. The tiny little birds are great they are so distinct, you can easily see they are birds. Great job.

moosecraft said...

Your Kris Kringle finished up very nicely! I do like the swirls in the background... can almost hear the cold wind blowing! Your lilies are gorgeous! I bet they smell heavenly too!

weaverpat said...

Kris Kringle has the delightful folk art look of a primitive even though I know you used a fine cut. He should be a prize winner at the fair!
Those lilies are so lovely! What wonderful colors! They'd make a great design for a rug!!!

Orange Sink said...

What a great Santa rug! I really like that background! Yes, you should enter it in the Fair. Such a nicely done rug should win honors. Your lilies are spectacular! I must get some different varieties going here as I only have Tiger lilies now. Cathy G