Friday, April 2, 2010


I had planned to go to the hook-in at Grant Street Wool Works on Thursday. I asked my daughter, Joan, to come on her way home from work and let Eloise out for a run and give her her dinner. I really wanted to stay the whole afternoon because I enjoy the activity so much.

Early on Thursday morning I got an e-mail from my friend Pat asking me if I could come in time to go to lunch with she and Zip. We had talked previously about going to an Indian resturant in Chambersburg since I had never had Indian food before. I met them at noon and off we went. I didn't know that Chambersburg was such a big town. We had quite a scenic tour on the way to the resturant. It turns out that Indian food is very spicy - however - I found it delicious. I must admit that a steady diet of it would corrode my stomach but once in a while it would be very pleasing. From there over we went to Grant Street.

The Thursday hook-ins are becoming ever more popular and by the time I left at 4 pm you would have thought you were in Grand Central Station. So many hookers all working on different projects. So many people talking and laughing - such pleasant sounds - everyone enjoying the company, sharing ideas and helping one another. Just what hookers are known for - good fellowship, caring and sharing with each other.

One of the ladies working in a design and color planning as she goes.

Pat starting a new project. I hope you looked at her blog ( and saw the elf rug that she just finished. It is a really great piece. Such a talented lady.

Here's Joanne with mounds and mounds of woolies. She is working on a series of hit or miss mats. Trying to use up some the these many leftovers.

Kathy helping one of the ladies make a selection. Note the cabinet of beautiful pastel wools in the background. These are bolts of Woolrich wool and are perfect for over dyeing.

Linda and Judith have their heads together discussing Judiths project for the upcoming workshop. She is planning to do a pictorial taken from a picture that she has been carrying around with her for a long time. I only glanced at the picture but it looks like quite a project to me. I know that Judith is up to it.
I would like to remind all of you that the Norma Batastini 3 day workshop starts next Thursday at the Wool Works so there won't be an open hook-in next week. If you have signed up for the workship don't forget the hours are from 9:30 to 3:30 pm. I am really looking forward to working with Norma and have picked out a small project since I have so many large rugs started. Hope to see you there!

When I got home from Grant Street, my grandson Richard was here mowing the lawn. Can you believe it? It really needed mowing already. Today I notice that many more of my spring bulbs are in bloom and the yard is really looking pretty. Pink, yellow and purple all around Mr. Tree makes the yard look so fresh and spring like.
Also daughter Joan had been here and fed and played with Eloise. She made like the Easter Bunny and left me a beautiful center piece on the dining table. Look at these beautiful red tulips. They are really lovely.

AND an assortment of wonderful Easter candy. I will have to ration myself or my jeans won't fit. She got me my favorites - jelly beans and chocolate.
We all know that Easter is about more than candy and colored eggs. I hope that each and every one of you will feel a renewed spirit and that you will be able to enjoy this new season of faith and believing.


Joanne said...

Hi Doris - good seeing you again yesterday! Your rug using your woolies was wonderful. Have a great class - with those peeps and chocolates you will have another rug hooked in no time! Beautiful tulips. Ear rubs to Eloise!

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
What a great day yesterday!
We'll have to do lunch again- maybe something milder next time! LOL!!!

I just can't wait till next week when we have the Norma Batastini class. I'm so glad we're both going to be there!

In the meantime, enjoy this wonderful warm Spring weather. You and Eloise have a peaceful Easter weekend!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Looking forward to seeing all the lovely rugs to be hooked next week! Happy Easter to you and your family Doris... See you soon.