Monday, April 19, 2010


Saturday and Sunday the Mason-Dixon Quilt group held their annual show at the Hagerstown Community College. The Rug Hooking group was invited to have a booth showing their rugs and equipment along with many vendors. We took turns manning the booth. My turn was on Sunday afternoon. The "perk" of manning the booth was getting to look at the many lovely quilts. I estimate that there were about 100 quilts on display - each prettier than the next. I took a smattering of pictures - it would have been impossible to photograph all of this beautiful work. Unfortunately, it was impossible to get names of the quilters and the the names of the quilt pattern. The quilts were all labeled but so many people were gathered in front of them it was impossible to read the tags. I hope you enjoy this small review of the quilts shown. Two quilts - same pattern - different interpretation.
A quilt that I can see many tedious hours in the making - but a great use of color.
This next quilt is one of my favorites. Look at the dimension created by the way the blocks are put together!

A closeup of this truly remarkable workmanship.

A beautiful softly colored quilt. I loved the colors in this and the quilting, which doesn't show in the picture, was beautiful.

Another interesting quilt. This seemed to be the year of the brown and beige quilt. I was surprised by so much use of brown in the quilts. Someone remarked that it was an attempted to make the quilts look old.

This next quilt was my favorite. I love the movement of the design,

Another of the brown and beige quilts.

All in all, it was a beautiful show. I hope that many of you got to see this wonderful work.
It was also very gratifying that so many people stopped by the booth and were interested in our rugs and in coming to our once a month meeting. I do hope that we really did recruit some new hookers. It is always fun to talk to the public about the art of rug hooking.
I have had a few extra hours to work on my new project and I am pleased with the way Kris Kringle is coming along. Until I post again, keep the hooks moving, keep warm, and be happy.


weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Thank you so much for sharing the pictures of those beautiful quilts. I love the traditional patterns!

Kathy (woolfind) said...

the quilts are wonderful Doris, thanks for sharing! Sounds like it was a great time, and hope you recruited some new hookers as well!

J said...

It was good seeing you yesterday!! I enjoyed the show! This would be a good place for Linda to set up and sell little rug hooking kits!! I have noticed through blogs that quilters like to rug hook!! I want to do the house rug you didand and kathy is doing!! There are so many rugs i want to do!!! GEESH!!

Joanne said...

Gorgeous Quilts Doris - those first two are especially "me"! Thanks for sharing