Saturday, April 24, 2010

Hi Everybody - It's me!!!!

I finally got to use my mom's computer. The last time I posted to her blog I had just had my eye operated on. I'm glad to say it is all healed and you can't even see where the vet put the stitch.

I have had several adventures since I last talked with you. About 3 weeks ago I was in my play yard one afternoon and guess who came by? A SNAKE. Well, Traci was here visiting with mom and she was on the deck screaming and screaming at me to get away. My mom got the rake and was going to keep the monster away from me but by the time she got there I had killed it. I know that it is against the law in Maryland to kill snakes but after all I'm a mighty Jack Russell Terrier! I love to sit at the top of the yard and survey my domain. A week after the snake escapde I did a bad thing. I didn't think it was bad - just doing what J.R. terriers do - I presented my mom with a baby rabbit. I put it on the deck near the kitchen door. My mom told me not to do that again and she put it in the yard. Ha, ha, I found it and presented it to her again. Boy Oh Boy! did I get a scolding. She threatened to take me to the pound!!! I guess it was alright to do in the snake but baby rabbits are a no-no. I will try to be good in the future but I can't help myself sometimes.

Richard came today. He is always working in the yard. I must say he sure keeps it nice and keeps my play yard mowed so that I can always have a nice place. Today I heard him and mom talking about how pretty the new red "rhody" is now that it is blooming.
I like to stand at the gate and watch him. He planted a lot of Hosta's today. He has made a new bed under the Maple tree. It is very shady there and I heard him say it was the perfect place.
While I was watching him it began to rain. Darn it all! You know how I feel about rain. It just spoils a girls day. I know it is good for the plants but I just am uncomfortable on a rainy day.

You can see the puddles beginning - just as watching Richard thru the gate was getting interesting.

O! Gosh! It is really coming down now. Guess I better get in the house. Mom doesn't like me to get muddy feet all over the carpet. I have to admit that she never fusses to much with me - just over that rabbit! Well, now that it is raining, I am going to do what any self-respecting girl would do on a rainy Saturday afternoon.

Catch you later!


Kim said...

OMG You are precious! Very brave with the snake but I have to agree with Mommy about the bunny! Tsk tsk.

Joanne said...

Oh Eloise - thank you for removing one more snake in the world (I shake in my boots after seeing a snake!) Now I agree with your Mom - little bunnies should be your friend not foe! Enjoy that nap and glad to hear your eye is healed.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Glad that Eloise didn't get bit by the snake. I don't think I would have been too happy either with "presents" left for me lol.

Orange Sink said...

Hey little Eloise,
Looks like you have everything under control in your domain! Your Mom must have been wild about that snake! I know I would be frantic! We don't have too many of those critters around here thank goodness! Cathy G

weaverpat said...

Eloise, you little cutie! I love that picture of you surveying your domain, keeping watch for invading critters.
What a brave little soul you are, tackling the snake!
Deiter and Tipper would be right there with you 'playing' with the bunny!