Sunday, February 28, 2010


Last Thursday I went to the Grant Street hook-in. It was the first time I had been able to go for about a month. It is always a delightful time with good friends and lots of companionship. Hooking with friends is such a delightful time. There is nothing as soothing as being with hooking friends. Here is Pat working on her beautiful sunflower piece. She really has done a wonderful job of this since she is working with colors completely "out of the box" in comparison to her usual color pallette.
This is Gertie. She came for her very first hooking lesson. Linda had her hooking in no time at all and she did a remarkable job. She and I left at the same time and as we walked out together she told me how happy she was to learn something new and that she certainly would be back to do more. It's so wonderful to encourage a new hooker - after all - sharing is what it's all about.

Here's Kathy working on a randomly hooked piece. Note the "small" amount of miscellaneous worms!!!

Linda smiling and laughing about something as usual.

And Bo came to visit. He has had a hair cut and looks half as big as the last time I saw him. Such a cutie!

Beth and Jill joined the rest of us about 3 in the afternoon. Always fun to have them on board.
On Sunday Jill K. came to consult with me on her teaching project. Jill will be taking her second year of teacher's training later this month. One of her assigments was to prepare a three day lesson plan for a hooking workshop. We went over the plan and fortunately I was able to point out a few things to her that she had not thought of and to suggest a few changes that would make the plan more feasible. In addition to that, Jill had to color plan a primitive rug. She is primarily a traditional hooker and I was able to help with this project. She has selected some lovely wools to do this rug with. Part of the homework from her first year of training was to hook 3 different types of small pieces. Pictured below is one of her pieces that she will be taking with her to show her teachers.

Jill had done a wonderful job on this scroll. The pink wools were furnished at the teachers workshop and the dark blue background had to be dyed later. This is a truly beautiful piece, the picture does not do it justice.

These are the wools that Jill has dyed for the rug that she had to color plan. This was quite a project. She had done some dyeing but not a lot and this was quite an experience. She was "stuck" in her color planning when trying to bring in the blue wool which she wanted to use as part of the background design. Together we "re-color planned" the rug using the colors in a different manner than she had originally planned. I think she was quite happy with the new color arrangement and the rug should be very nice.
I want to thank everyone that has called and e-mailed my mom about my condition. Yes, I was operated on last Friday. The surgery went well and I also had my teeth cleaned. (makes better breath, you know!). I am being very good, holding still for my eye drops and taking my medicine. My mom is putting my pills in chicken and roast beef - so why would'nt I take it?? I also am sleeping quite a lot and mom seems to think it is a reaction to the meds. I will go back in about 14 days to have the stitches taken out of my eye. The vet has done a very good job and my eye is not distorted as he thought it might be. In the meantime, mom is staying home with me to make sure that I don't rub my stitches because if I do I have to wear that awful plastic collar thing that looks like a cone head. She is doing a lot of hooking and a lot of belly rubbing which is making me happy. I want to thank all of my friends, especially Margaret and Pat, for caring about me.

Doris and Eloise


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Doris, I have a LOT more worms. Want some lol? Your students scroll is very pretty. Nice work!
Glad to hear that Eloise is doing well. I'm sure she is loving the extra attention you are giving her. Hope she heals really quick!

weaverpat said...

Oh, Eloise!!! You little darling! It's not fun to have surgery, but the good part is now you and Mom get to spend lots of quality time together. Pssst! (I'm whispering in your ear) If you look really sad with those big brown eyes you get a lot more sympathy and better treats!

Jill seems to be doing a wonderful job with her certification training. With you as a mentor how could she not!!!

You and Eloise have a good week!