Friday, November 6, 2009

When I got up yesterday morning I thought to myself that I have nothing on my agenda today - aah - a nice relaxing and easy day. I worked like a Trogen all day long! I completely GI'ed my kitchen and as a result had to run the dishwasher. Next I went in the bedroom to change the sheets on my bed but instead looked in my closet and got sick! So many clothes that were not being used. Sooooo, I went through all the things hanging there and now have a big bag of clothes for the women's shelter in Baltimore County. My friend Angie helped to start this shelter and is very active in its daily running. It is always a pleasure to give good usable clothing to those less fortunate then we are.

Next to the underware drawer - what a mess - this took a whole hour to straighten out. Why is it that this is the drawer that we tend to just jumble things in? Just separating the summer socklets from the knee high winter socks made a big different. Another hour gone by and still no hooking!

By late afternoon I was getting pretty tired and decided that I would do something fun. Bless WeaverPat for putting a link from her blog to the "Mennonite Girls Can Cook" blog. Several days ago they had posted their receipt for cheese bread. It looked so good I could hardly wait to try it and try it I did! I knew that one loaf would not be enough so I doubled the receipt. So easy to do. The results are yummy. I had it warm from the oven for dinner last evening and lightly toasted this morning with sausage for breakfast. I hope all of you will try it.
These are truly beautiful loaves. The only thing I did that was not in the receipt was give them a wash of egg before baking.

Pat the rest of this blog is for you. I have photographed the 3 spinning wheels just as they came from the barn. I have not attempted to clean them up because I know so little about them that I didn't want to harm them.
The one above is a fold down model and seems to be all in tact. It was used a lot.

I took two pictures of this one. I'm not sure why. However perhaps you can get a better idea of it. It also has some spun yarn on it as you will see in the next picture.

I'm guessing that this was one of Kris' many unfinished projects. As you know I am trying to finished up the rug projects. That will take me several years since most of the rugs were very large. She was a beautiful hooker.

I know this wheel has a broken part. I have the part and think that it will be an easy fix for Zip. I believe this to be an antique - it surely is pretty.
I hope that this gives you some insight to what I was talking about in my e-mail to you. I would appreciate comments from anyone who knows about spinning wheels as I am not knowledgable on this subject.
I had thought that today would be a "do nothing" day but looks like it will also be as busy as yesterday - laundry and errands and such - women's work is never done.
I am almost finished with my black and white rug - only 4 more squares to do and I am hoping that I can get to it today.
Wishing all of you the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful day, the weather is perfect! Have a wonderful week and above all keep smiling!


weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
The cheese bread looks beautiful! I just finished making the crusty Italian bread which was also on the MGCC blog. I like those ladies! I'll be posting about it on my blog.

The spinning wheels are really nice! We'll have to get together and talk about them.
Take care! Maybe Zip and I will make a date to come and visit.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Oh my, you ladies and your breads! They look so delicious. Glad there are no calories for just looking LOL.
Nice spinning wheel Doris. I don't know anything about them, but I'm sure someone out here does.
Hope you got to finish those 4 squares on your rug! Have a wonderful weekend.

Beth said...

I love the website mennonite girls can cook!! Ive been looking at it for quite some time now!!! The recipes are usually very easy and good!! Love your spinning wheels... I think you will probably be spinning soon!