Friday, October 30, 2009


This is the time of year that I begin to "store my nuts" - just like the squirrel's so that on Thanksgiving and Christmas I don't have to spend all of my time in the kitchen. I can really enjoy my family and still put good "eat's" on the table. Soooo, last Tuesday I baked 5 pumpkin pies and 4 of them are in the freezer. I had to taste, of course, so one is about gone. They turned out very creamy and oh! so yummy! On Wednesday I went to my Pearl McGown hooking group. We met at Vi's house this time and it was so good to see our friend Barbara. Barbara lost her husband a few weeks ago and this is the first time she has joined us in some months. She is a most beautiful person and we are all praying for her and her new life without her best friend.

On Thursday I went to the Grant Street Woolworks hook-in. Seems to me that there was a full house. Several new guests as well as some of the regulars.

Bo is a regular. He loves hook-in days. So many people to love him and so many for him to mooch from. He thinks that he is a hooker - thus he has taken his table space!

This is part of a piece of paisley that I was able to purchase from Linda. I am color planning a new rug (geeze you'd think I don't have any in progress!) and I loved this paisley. I am planning to use several paisley's in this new rug because it is an Amish design and just calls for this type of material.

This is a picture of the rug that Joanne brought with her. She has finished the hooking and was planning to start the binding. With all of the talking going on I wonder how much she got done.

This was Joan's first visit to the Grant Street Wool Works. She was also putting the binding on a finished rug. So sorry I didn't get a picture of the rug but I was so facinated with the way she was doing the binding I forgot to take the picture.

Kathy and Joanne. Kathy is starting to set up to work. Please notice the paisley piece on the table. It is truly lovely.

A friend of Linda's (sorry I didn't get the name) on left is knitting, Linda and Pat laughting about something. Pat is a spinner and weaver in addition to being a rug hooker. I took her some of my daughter's basket making materials since I know that she will use them. I want someone to put these things to good use.
Traci is here with me today (Friday). She went to the Brandywine hook-in on Saturday. I was unable to go because I was concerned about Eloise (who is much better). Traci reports that there were so many people that she felt like a sardine in a can and did not even get her hooking out. She has some great pictures of the rug show and also bought some wools. I think in spite of the crowding she had a good time.
Tomorrow the Boonsboro ATHA group is going to visit Barb Carroll at her shop. Wish I could go but to long a day for me. I do think that this is a great group project and I hope everyone has fun and comes home with lots of wool and lots of new ideas.
Thought of the day -
An idle mind is the devil's workshop.
George Carlin
Happpy hooking!


weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Thank you again for all the wonderful basket making materials! Can't wait to go through the books. Zip has always helped me with baskets so he's inspired to get back to it since the outdoor work is almost finished.
Those pies look yummy! It's a great idea to start early and avoid the rush around the holidays. Less confusion and more time to spend enjoying family!

wendalia said...

What is the name of Joanns rug?