Monday, November 9, 2009


As I was driving to Gettysburg today, I could not help but enjoy the beauty of the trees on the mountains. Altho a lot of the leaves have already fallen many of the trees were very colorful. There seemed to be a lot of trees with yellow still in leaf. I wish I had gotten better pictures but it is hard to take pictures with one hand on the steering wheel as you are going down the mountain!
This is the old covered bridge on Jacks Mountain Road. A short cut to avoid the golf course and ski lodges on the way to Gettysburg. The floor of the bridge is plank and rattles as you cross.

Since this was the 20th anniversary of the Blue and Gray group the turnout was quite large. This is an overall shot of some of the attendees.

Another view of the group. As you can see we do hook but we also do a lot of talking and laughing. The ladies of this group turn out some very beautiful rugs and are very congenial.

This next picture is of Ann Nevitt one of the founders of the Blue and Gray along with one of the longest attending members.

Everyone out did themselfs in the food today. There were several types of dips, chips, salads and of course cookies and cakes. Not one cake but 2 cakes. One was an ice cream cake and the other was so rich that I think that we all must have gained much weight!

This cake was very rich and had icing that I think was at least 2 inches deep! So yummy.

This is a picture of the ice cream cake. It held up extremely well for most of the meeting and then began to melt. However, most of us had already had a large piece before the melting began. About a half hour after we had eaten, Joan came around and inspected tongues. All of us had blue lips and tongues from eating blue icing!

Some of the goodies on the table. Also a counter full of goodies that I didn't get a picture of.

In spite of all of the eating we do hook! There were not many rugs for display today but I did get a few pictures. Sorry I don't have names to go with the rugs but as you can see we have been a productive group.

I loved these mats. They are so colorful and obviously made from leftovers. What a wonderful way to use up all of those leftover worms.

Another hit or miss mat.

This is Ellie's rug in progress. Her colors are so soft and warm this is going to be a wonderful piece. Sorry I didn't get the whole rug in the shot so that you could see her lettering at the top of the piece. She is really doing a great job on this piece.
It was wonderful to see such a great turnout for this important occasion. We are all in debt to Ann fo starting such a wonderful group and keeping it going for all of these years. Whenever you get hooked out or need an inspiration to keep hooking this is the group to visit with. So many in the group are willing to help and offer suggestions that get you going again. The ladies of this group truly are the essence of what hooking is all about.
I hope that each of you has such a group to meet with and to draw inspiration from. Until we meet again, happy hooking, take care of yourself and each other and be sure to tell your family that you love them.


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weaverpat said...

Doris, you finish so many rugs I think you must be HOOKING while driving too!!!
Your black and white rug is just lovely!
Wasn't it a nice group today? I'm so glad I got to talk with you for a while and share such a happy occasion. Thank you!!!! (for everything!)

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful time. Sorry I missed it! Heard a little about it some more at the group I was at this evening from some of the girls that were there. Thanks for sharing the pic's!

Joanne said...

Great road show and great rug show Doris - and I was gonna say the same thing as Jill - Was that a "hands-free bluetooth" camera you were using? LOL