Sunday, October 18, 2009


Everybody's talking about it. Seems more like January or February than October. I love the rain so I am very happy. I think that these types of days are the best for doing whatever makes the heart, mind and soul happy. Thus I have been spending my days hooking and playing bridge.

My friend Linda programmed Pogo and especially their bridge games on my computer for me. My husband and I were avid bridge players in our youth and spent many happy hours with friends playing. When you loose your partner you also loose many contacts. Seems unfair, but that's the way life is. I have missed the happy hours of bridge and have always read the bridge column in the paper to keep up with what is happening. This Pogo program is great fun because you are actually playing with other people. I often wish I could see their body nuances or facial expressions since that is so much of the bridge bidding but I am glad just to be able to play. It has given me many happy hours during this cold rainy spell.

I did go to the Blue and Gray rug makers in Gettysburg last Monday. They had quite a turnout. That is the place to see beautiful rugs. I'm sorry that I don't have any pictures this time - guess I was just to busy talking!

Also during this rainy spell I have been hooking. The Boonsboro chapter of ATHA is having a Christmas swap. It is a small mat 10 x 10 to reflect either winter or the Christmas season. I have chosen Christmas for my theme. My piece is almost finished but I can't show it until after the swap. Also, since this is the year of purple for this group this piece is supposed to have at least several loops of purple wool incorporated. I could not figure out how to do that in my piece so I will simply roll it for presentation tied with a purple ribbon.

I'm sure that by now all of you know that Eloise hates rain and the cold. If it rains to hard she won't eat and doesn't even consider going out. She would rather walk around with her legs crossed! As a result she has spent these last few days in my bed (?) her bed (?) upside down, her favorite position, under the covers with all four legs up in the air - very unlady like - making the covers look like they have a tent in the middle. I have given up making my bed neat and tidy since she remakes it as soon as I have finished.

Even tho the weather is bad, I do feel that mother nature always finds a way to surround us with beauty. Thus, the following pictures taken from the deck.
Beautiful clouds surrounded by outlines of trees that are almost bare leafed.
Storm is on the way - how beautiful is that!!!

I wish I ould get that blue in the dye pots!

Getting lighter after the storm - love the trees and one white, white cloud.
May peace be with you on these gray and rainy days - keep your spirits high for this too shall pass.


weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
I'm glad Linda got you connecdted to Pogo for the long winter evenings. The pictures of the sky and trees are lovely. We had a few moments of sun (horay!) this morning so I guess the worst is over.
Eloise can enjoy life again!

Anonymous said...

Hey Doris!
Me and my husband love playing games too! I can't imagine how much i will miss him if anything were to ever happen to him. I think it is fabulous that you are involved in your hobbies and helping so many other people learning to become better rug hookers! I admire how you take the challenge to learn all the new technologies of the computer with blogging and digital cameras...i have even used your life as an example to Dannys grandma to encourage her to step out and make better use of her talents and time. She is an excellent hand quilter and i would love for her to teach like you do!! Keep up the great work at blogging and keeping us in touch over these winter months!