Sunday, August 2, 2009


Saturday was the regular meeting of the Heart and Hand Antitem Rug Artisians Guild. The turnout was a bit smaller than usual - so many are on vacation - Ah! Summer - it is fleeting away from us. However, we had two guests, both very interested in hooking. Eleanor and Maggie were both so enthuastic that we held an impromtu rug show of the work in progress. I admit that all of the pictures are not good but I hope you will enjoy the diversity of projects in this group.
This is Nada with her "Cape Cod Primitive." A large rug that she says is very different from the way she normally color plans a rug. She is trying to step outside of her usual color box by using more color.
This is Betty's pictorial. She designed this rug herself and is hooking it with a number 3 cut. The detail is very fine. It is a pullman car with many people in the foreground - many representing her family members and the U. S. Capitol in the background. A truly impressive project.

Mary is holding her pumpkin project. She belongs to a group that offers a retreat and challenge on a monthly basis and this is the current project.

This is a truly poor picture. It is Carolyn's rug - very large project - with a horse as the main motif. Sorry I could not get a better picture as this is quite a project. I hope to get a better picture as Carolyn progresses with the hooking.

Here's Ron - the only gentlemen in our group. Ron perfers small projects and I must say this is more colorful than most I have seen him do.

Maryanne has been working on this rug for some time and it is now finished! This runner is quite long and is truly a beauty!!! She has done a wonderful job on this.

Jennifer's project is for her son. He is attending school at Michigan Tech and this is their logo. The huskie in the center is very lifelike and her letters are perfect. Way to go Jennifer!
I did not attempt to take pictures of several other projects as they were in the very beginning stages and will wait until more is completed before photographing them.
After the meeting, I went to my grandson's for a cookout. My grand -daughter (Richard's sister) was coming with her husband Paul. They live in southern Maryland and we haven't seen them since Mother's day. It was a truly good time. However by the time I got home I thought that my leg was going to drop off! My leg does seem better each day but I guess I tried to do to much at one time. Sooooo, a quiet Sunday, listening to the gentle rain that has been falling all morning. More is expected this afternoon and evening. A perfect day for hooking. I put the design for my entry in the purple challenge swap on the backing on Friday and started the hooking. Today I have finished the design and am starting on the background. I will photograph it, and post it after the swap has taken place. It is something that I am having fun with - and it is PURPLE.
Until next time, keep those hooks moving, love your family and be good to your friends.


katie said...

I am happy google alerts found your blog for me.
The rugs in your last post are all just wonderful.
Always happy to find another group of rug hookers.

Joanne said...

Doris -thanks for sharing those pics - so nice to see some faces I know! LOL! What were you working on?

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Lot's of great rugs there Doris! Thanks for sharing. Love what Nada is doing with her Cape Cod Primitive. And that fine cut, wow! Mary is really coming along with her piece too. Just great!
Hope the rest you did today has given your leg some relief. Hope to see you on Thursday at Linda's!!

Doris said...

Hi Kathy - Yes, leg permitting I will be at Linda's on Thursday.

Doris said...

Hi Kathy, Yes, I hope to be at Linda's on Thursday.

weaverpat said...

Are you going to bring the purple challenge piece to hook-in on Thurs? Linda is back, she called me yesterday. Rest your leg so you will hopefully feel up to joining us!

Gayle said...

Thank you SO much for sharing the pictures of those beautiful rugs! What a great group of hookers you have - looks like you had a great day.