Friday, August 14, 2009

Sometime ago my daughter suggested that I get some "modern" equipment since all of my "stuff" was 40 years old. As a result of her suggestion, I ordered a Snapdragon frame. Several friends had them and I was impressed with the way they hold the background material and the general workings of the frame. Well, it seems that my lap just was not built for a Snapdragon. I felt as though I was hooking up under my chin and it was to bulky for my lap!

The first picture shows the lap fram that I have been using for all these years. It is an old friend, I hooked my first ten rugs on it. My husband built the lap frame part and drilled holes in the hoop to fit. Very simple arrangement that folded down easily and assembled quickly. It is in the down position in this picture. Also, it is very light weight. This assembles with 2 screws, 2 washers and two wing nuts.

This is the way it looks assembled. I'm certain that I will never stop using it altogether but it is nice to have a new frame!
I was telling Linda Keller about my experience with the Snapdragon at one of the Thursday hook-in at the Grant Street Woolworks and she suggested that I try a frame that she had in stock. It is made by The Needleworks of Hartford, Conn. This is my first experience with a frame that swivels all of the way - 360 in both directions.

This is the frame in the fold down position. It becomes a very small package. I was really surprised at the engineering that went into the fold down arrangement.

This is the frame ready for use. It's just a matter of turning 3 knobs and you are in business! I have fallen in love with this frame. The working space is a bit small but since most of us work only in the bottom third of the frame its just fine for me. Linda most graciously suggested that I take the frame and try it for several weeks to make sure that it was a fit. It is and I look forward to making it mine.
In the meantime, I am still nursing this bum leg. Doctor says that I have pulled or injured a muscle in my upper right leg. What a pain! Litterly and figuretively (spell?). The pain has been beyond belief. The doctor prescribed some pain medicine that made me sicker - but I have finally managed to reduce the dose so that I can at least fix myself some meals and take care of Eloise. I miss being able to go hooking and hope that all will be well before to long.
I have finished my piece for the purple swap that is due in September so all has not stopped. I need to continue with the reoranization of my hooking room but at the moment it is at a standstill. Summer has gone by so fast that it seems I have accomplished little! I hope to be able to rejoin all of you soon, until than keep hooking!

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Beth said...

doris... so sorry about your leg its amazing but when your in pain.. it seems all you can think about.... maybe if your were not so active and crazy.....!!! no, really i will pray you will be on the mend soon.... cant imagine a day without doris hooking??!!