Sunday, July 12, 2009


My hooking room is a mess! I have been trying to decide what to do to make it a more pleasant place to work. Wish I had wall expanders - I suppose all hookers wish for the same thing. In the process of deciding what to do, I took stock of my unfinished projects. When I got to 12 I decided to stop counting. So pictured below are a few things standing in line awaiting their turn. A small pictorial of Noah's ark. This portion was started by my daughter Kris and I intend to finish her work.

A floral chair seat. I have 4 Queen Anne chairs that need new seat covers.

A view of a 5 x 7 foot rug that is 75% finished. This is a beautiful rug pattern. One of Pearl McGown's best.

A second view of the same rug. It is called Ayer's Antique.

Another of McGown's beautiful patterns. A 3 x 5 foot rug with only one corner done. I have completed most of the middle which is a shadowed leaf design.

A small floral piece to be mounted on a tote bag.

A large pictorial, 3 x 5 Quail Hill design, with lots of work to be done yet. This is a scene of New York in the 1820's.

A small sampling of the work before me. Of course, I am still working on my black and white project. It is about at the half way mark. I am sure that many hookers are in the same position. We all seem to get enthused about a project and low and behold! another project comes along. It is time to stop creating new projects and get many of the old ones finished. I have cut down on going to hook-in's this summer in order to stay at home and work on some of these projects. Can one live long enough - question of the day???
And now to another subject. All of his life, my grandson Richard, has wanted an English Bull Dog. His wife and girls got together for father's day and you guessed it - along came a darling 4 month old puppy. Her name is Roxanna Grace (big moniker for such a little pup) and believe me with those big paws, she is anything but graceful.

She is the newest member of the clan but according to her she is as big as any dog around!

The happy owner with his new baby. Enough said!
Quote of the day -
The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue -

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Kathy (woolfind) said...

Doris, wonderful photos of your ufo's. Time to finish them up, they are beauties!!! Good for you for being determined to work on them. Hope to see more of them later.
The newest member of your clan is adorable! I'm sure he will be spoiled...
Hope to see you at Linda's on Thursday! Unless you are giving that up too :(.