Monday, July 6, 2009


It's time to catch up on a few things. I decided some time ago to take the summer off. No teaching - no workshops until fall. I must admit that I am enjoying this time to myself. Part of the reason for taking the summer off is I have to many unfinished projects. Yet I had the nerve to start a new project!!! I am a hooking nut!

Thought I should give you an update on the new project. Most of the black is done. Now I'm working on the white part of this black and white experiment. I realized that with so much background I had to make it work for me so I decided to do a "parkay" type floor. This picture shows the starting of the floor and how I marked the floor out hoping to get it straight. ?
This is how the piece is coming along as of Sunday night. I have had three days to hook. No interuptions or demands to do anything. I am not a fireworks fan so a peaceful 4th was a welcome treat for me.
A week ago Sunday I went to a social hook-in at Beth's in Boonsboro. A few pictures to show what went on at that hook-in. Everyone brought something to work on but I have yet to see anyone hooking. Lots of talking and eating!

Linda and Barb in the kitchen, of course.

Sandy surveying the good eats.

Jill, Linda and Carol eating and talking. The best parties always wind up in the kitchen.

Jack and Barb discussing something in the doorway to the lovely screened porch.
In addition, the only other social thing I have done is go to the day long hook-in at the Grant Street Wool Works last Thursday. It was a real fun time. I enjoyed the company of all who were there including Pat's husband Jig's.
I looked at the calendar this morning and was surprised to see that there were no Doctors appointments or pressing engagements this week. That means that I can get more hooking done this week which really pleases me. Today is errand day, groceries, drug store, etc. I must go to the grocery or Eloise will rebel - she is out of cookies!
Quote of the day-
Anger is the feeling that makes your mouth work faster than you mind
Evan Esar
Have a wonderful week, everyone.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Lots of great shots Doris! The hook-in looked like it was fun. So sorry I missed you all at Linda's on Thursday. Hoping maybe this week, but later in the day. Seems we have things to get done all week, with xrays, doctors' appointments, oil change on the car, hair appointments, you name it.. Hope to see you soon.

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris, the rug is really looking nice. The two shades of white are just the right idea! Are you sure that really was a HOOK-IN? No pictures of rugs, only FOOD! LOL!!! Looks like fun!