Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Richard, Danyel and their friend Kerry came on Saturday to mow and do other chores. At that time Richard said that he would be turning the grills on (he has 2) when he got home and that they would be going until midnight on Monday - you all come! So, on Saturday afternoon I came. Here are the pictures, taken randomly, of the clan as it gathered in the backyard.
Richard and Max - the kindest gentlest dog, with china blue eyes, always ready for a cookout.
Burgers on one grill - getting the other grill ready.

Joan starting the corn shucking.

Joan recruited Sherri's mother, Stepfather and brother to help with the corn.

This is Madison - the youngest member of the clan - a joy and delight at age 6. A great time was had by all. More food than any group could eat with all the goodies anyone could think of. Its truly great to have these family days. We have had several lately and I only wish that it could happen more often!

I have had a "thing" lately about strawberries. Can't seem to get enough of them. This is part of the last box I bought. I think that they must have been taking steroids!

For some reason I can't seem to get enough fruit. Now the kiwi's are in season - a great taste combination with the strawberries.

On Friday there was a hook-in at Judith's home in Waynesboro, Pa. What a beautiful place she and her
husband have. Just lovely - the view from their front steps is not a view but a vista of Pennsylvania and Maryland. Barb has finished the hooking on her ship rug and was putting the kick strip on - what a lovely piece she has created - I love what she has done with the water.
Judith is checking out the background in the piece she is hooking. This is an interesting piece that has gotten very "arty" and is most attractive. She has done some sculpting in the background and has gotten a nice flow of color in the lower left had corner. Altogether a lovely piece.

Judith had sorted out some of her wools and was offering them to us. Here is Barb looking thru the stash to see what she needs.

I'm sorry that I didn't get a picture of Jack. He got into a lounge chair and decided that he would "contemplate " hooking for the rest of the day.
I missed the Chambersburg hook-in on Monday. I just don't like to travel on holidays - to many crazies on the road. So, after the cookout on Saturday I decided that Sunday and Monday would be days of rest. I spent Sunday afternoon working on my Scraps rug and Monday working on a small piece that I have been trying to get to for several weeks. All in all, two good days of rest. Just one mishap the whole weekend - my microwave died so today I am off to the mall to see about a new one.
I plan to go to the day-long hook-in at the Grant Street Wool Works on Wednesday. Hope all of you can come too, as it promises to be a lot of fun.
The quote for the day is as follows:
The unspoken word never does harm -
Happy hooking, everyone!

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Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hi Doris,

Looked like a wonderful cook out with family. Sure was a beautiful weekend weather wise. Glad you were out enjoying it. I'm with you and strawberries, can't get enough of them!
Barb's rug turned out just beautiful. She must be very pleased with her results. The water is awesome!
I plan on going to Grant Street tomorrow, and Joanne is going to come too! I've written myself a note so I don't forget your pattern for you this time. See you then!