Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Before I get to our Mother's day celebration, I have to show you these beautiful roses. We have just planted 2 of these gorgeous climbers on the fence line by the north roadside.

And now for Mother's day. Richard and his wife Sherri had invited all of the mothers in her family and his family, and their children, to dinner on Sunday afternoon, at our favorite Chinese resturant. This is my daugher Joan talking to her daughter (out of camera range across the table) Victoria. We were all so glad to see her and her husband Paul, because they live in St. Mary's county and it is a 3 hour trip for them to join us.

This is Richard. Several of my friends have asked that I post a picture of him since I refer to him so often in my blogs. He is the good guy that mows my yard, plants my flowers and does all of the handy man chores for me. He is much loved!

This is a bit of the overall table. It was hard to get a true picture of everyone at the table because the service was buffet style and all of us were coming and going at different times. The lady with the blue shirt is Sherri's mother. In all, there were 15 of us. Lots of talk, lots of laughter, and all glad to be together on this day for mothers. To bad we don't have the opportunity to get together more often

When I went to my car to go home, I found this beautiful bouquet of flowers in my car from my daughter Joan. Also a box to be opened when I reached home. She is aware of my love of wine and cheese and so this lovely gift basket with a wonderful assortment of goodies.

I hope that each of you had as wonderful a day as I did. Family is the most important thing in life. I hope you remember to tell some member of your family that you love them on a daily basis. I often think that we don't say if ofter enough. I know that each of us tries to show love each day, but somehow it is also important to say.
Since Mother's day I have been to the Gettysburg hook-in and have done several other things pertaining to hooking but I will leave them for the next blog altho they may be a bit out of date.
I will post no quote for this blog - only remind you of the love it takes to be a member of a functioning family. Keep the love warm!
Happy hooking -

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Kathy (woolfind) said...

Wow Doris, what a gathering. How wonderful to have everyone together like that. What a special day it was for you all! Lovely flowers and what a great basket of wines. How thoughtful. Glad it was a special day for you!