Sunday, January 11, 2009

Last week was a joy for me. I was home almost everyday. Time to think and reflect on what has been happening. I prepared my workshop agenda and distributed it at the last meeting of the "With Hand and Heart Antitem Rug Artisans" guild meeting. Since I have done that, my mind has been full of ideas all rolling around - one on top of the other - trying to decide which samples I would work on first, and also wanting to work on several personal projects at the same time. I realized that I have only two hands and just 24 hours in my day. In the meantime, I have acquired a lot of new wool and my hooking room is overflowing. I wish I had a wall stretcher!!!!

I also had a birthday last week. Another milestone in my life's path. Because of my daughters working hours we were unable to get together to celebrate until yesterday. We had a great day of shopping (I got a wonderful pair of earrings) and then we went to lunch at our favorite "all you can eat" Chinese resturant. We lucked out and got home just as the sleet started. I also got a card for my camera that will allow me to take many pictures of rugs and I am looking forward to documenting my own rugs as well as those of my friends.

On Friday my grandson made a survey of the property to inspect the damage done by the ice storm. I had hoped that our pine trees would be spared - but no such luck. We have lost many branches, really big ones - but perhaps this is mother natures way of pruning large trees. I just have to hope for the best. I would hate to lose these trees as they are a great wind shield for the house. Last fall we planted 7 southern magnolia trees in a line up the road side of the property. We lost one of those to the ice. It will be my first priority for replacement this spring. THINK SPRING!

Weather prmitting. I am planning to go to Gettysburg on Monday. I do enjoy that group of hookers so much. I always look forward to seeing Kathy, Nancy, Joan and my old friends Margaret, Vi, and Peggy. I am planning to take the rug I just finished (My House Sampler) and a finely hooked pictorial so that I can see them side by side. It should be interesting to see the different techniques together.

It is now 6:30 am and time to get my second cup of coffee - my days start early - I need the time. Hope all of you have a great Sunday and a good next week.

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Kathy (woolfind) said...

Happy Belated Birthday Doris!!! Sounds like it was a wonderful day for you! And you've been very busy, good for you. Hope to see you tomorrow. The weather will have to really clear up for me if I am going to go. I will NOT do the mountain in this kind of weather.. My driveway is a sheet of ice right now as it is....