Sunday, July 3, 2011

THRU MY EYES - - - - -

Hello all of my blog friends. It's me again. I'm talking about last Thursday. My mom left me all day! Can you imagine that? When she decided to take the summer off, that is not teach or go to many hook-ins, I was one happy pup. She has been home with me most of the time and that means lots of attention and extra belly rubs! Geesh! on Thursday she left home just after 9 in the morning and went to the doctors. I understand that so I didn't mind that she was only gone about 2 hours. However, I knew that something was up when she didn't take her shoes off when she came in. She never wears shoes in the house.


The next thing I knew she was going again. Seems as tho a lady blogger that she talks with was coming to the Grant Street Woolworks all of the way from OHIO. Yes, Lauren of Rugs and Pugs came for a 1 day visit. Her friend Mary was with her. Mary is not interested in hooking but is an avid antique collector. I heard mom on the phone telling someone that she wished she had spent more time talking to Mary since mom is a collector of antiques also. Mom was so pleased to meet Lauren. She and I have been interested in Lauren's work with the Pug Rescue Group. We both fell in love with Eema when she fostered her.

Lauren also came bearing gifts. What a lovely surprise.
A wonderful smelling candle in a lovely ceramic container, a "spoon" pendant with the words, rug hooker and PUPPY COOKIES. Boy, Miss Lauren sure knows how to win a girls heart.

Did you ever see such cute cookies? Not only cute, but taste awfully good and have a lovely enticing smell. I heard mom tell somebody that these cookies were "eye candy" for pet owners. Thank you Miss Lauren, for your thoughtfulness. I really love them. I have hidden one under the chair in the living room. Shhhhh, mom does'nt know,

Left to right - Joanne and Lauren. Don't know who that is also snapping a picture.

Joanne and Linda watching some antics that were going on in the shop.

Mary, Lauren and Kathy color planning Lauren's new project.


As I started out telling you, she left me all day - didn't get home until after 6pm. Mom knows that I always eat about 5.

I showed her just how unhappy I was by turning my back on her. I just ignored everything she said.

No, I don't want to come in. I'll eat when I get ready and not before!!!!! Maybe I won't eat at all.

When mom went into the hooking room to put her things away I did make a gold star on my place. Even I couldn't resist macaroni and cheese with broiled chicken breast.

Well, Thursday was a very interesting day. I do hope that Miss Lauren and her friend Mary can come back again before to long. I'm happy to report that mom has stayed home the last 3 days so I am a happy camper again. As you can see this is a very long blog so I am tired and have to rest now.

Mom and I hope that all of you have a wonderful 4th of July. Do be careful with the fire works.




Joanne said...

Eloise - so good to hear from you again. And thanks for sharing your Mom on Thursday - it was nice seeing her and also meeting Lauren. Wow - That Lauren bringing you those cookies - Oh boy I bet that's why you lost your appetite and not because you were trying to make a point! Have a good day relaxing in some sunbeams!

Julia said...

Oh Eloise, couldn't tell that your mom felt guilty leaving you there. I mean, she cooked you a nice dinner of macaroni and cheese with chicken breast. You know that she loves you but the trip would have been a bit tiring for you.

You should be glad that she got to meet her dear blogger friends and Lauren even sent you a gift of yummy dog cookies. Don't you think that you are just a little wee bit spoiled maybe?

I'm glad that you have forgiven your mom. Now be a good girl and give a hug to your mom for me. I'm so glad that I finally get to see her on Blogger... she is a very special lady. Have a good week and don't eat too many cookies. JB

Rugs and Pugs said...

Dearest Eloise ~
Thank you so much for sharing your mom with me. It was such a pleasure to meet her. Too bad I couldn't meet you, too. Maybe next time and I hope there will soon be a next time, though it is a bit of a trip. How lucky that you have such a sweet mom.
Now don't eat all those cookies at once or you will lose your girlish figure.
Pug hugs :)
Lauren and Mo

Kim said...

Dear sweet Eloise,
You and I have so much in common. We both know the fun tricks to make our mommies feel guilty. I don't like it much when my mom leaves all day. I try to silent treatment for awhile but I can't last too long. She always makes it up to me.
PS - I love Mac and cheese too. Oh, and I hope you are braver than I am with those fireworks thingy's. They scare me but it's a good excuse to cuddle around mom's neck

Hugs, Millie

weaverpat said...

Eloise, that is a very cute picture! You look so bright-eyed and happy. Must have been those special cookies.
I'm glad you allowed Mom to go to Grant Street on Thursday. That was awfully nice of you. I know she's sorry she got home late.
Hope you have a cool place to relax in this hot weather.
Try not to let the fireworks scare you. Mom should be right there to keep you safe.