Monday, June 20, 2011

THIS AND THAT - - - - -

I am going to try to do a little catching up. When you live a quiet life you often feel that you have nothing to say. I have let a few things accumulate. First, my Stargazer Lilies are in bloom! They are so beautiful this year. I planted than 3 years ago and now they are at their peak

Richard was here on Saturday and was mowing and pulling weeds. The only thing that grows when it doesn't rain is weeds. We seem to have more than our fair share.

This yellow lily is a real beauty. There are red, orange and some two color ones. A deep magenta is growning in the garden at the house but not in the group that I took a photo of.

This white one is a real beauty!


A week ago on Saturday our whole family (a very small group!) met at Gilligans Seafood House on Pope's creek for a crab feast. On my, is there anything better in the summer in Maryland than it's crabs??? Needless to say we ordered the "all you can eat crabs" and the all you can eat shrimp.
Look at these beauties! What a wonderful day we had. My daughter Joan and Richard and his family live near me but my two granddaughters (Richard's sister's) live in southern Maryland. This is somewhat over a 2 hours drive and since everyone works, we don't get together as often as we like. For this crab feast the girls were there with their significant others and Richard's wife Sheri took the day off and joined us. It was wonderful for all of us to be together.

The shrimp are large, plump, and succulent, served with Old Bay seasoning and melted butter. Oh my, so good! In addition, Gilligans is on the beach and boats from across the bay come over on Saturday's and Sunday to enjoy the food and company. At night there is a band and dancing in the sand. There is nothing better in Maryland during the summer than it's crabs, corn on the cob and home grown tomatoes!


I'm sorry to say that "Blogger" still hates me. It won't let me leave comments on any blogs so I do want to comment on a few things:

Kim - I'm so glad your braces are off. Hope you will buy yourself some delicious chewy taffee or caramels! Please give Mom and Auntie my love and regards.(I love the "Golden Girls")


Lauren - Thanks for the update on Eema. I know that your visit to her must have been sweet and sad at the same time. Keep 'em flying!


Pamela - Summer colds are the worst kind. I'm so glad Edward is keeping you company. Keep your spirits up and the Kleenex coming.


Joanne - So glad your eyes are better. Sorry that I have not been able to get to Cburg but hope to get there and see you soon. Give Jonsey a hug for me.


Kathy - Congratulations on your daughter's graduation. I know you must be very proud of her. Her prom gown was lovely! Hope to see you soon.


Cathy G - I have been missing update's on your hooking class. Please let us know how the ladies are doing - or have you stopped for the summer?


For myself, I have decided to take the summer off. I have not been going to a lot of hook-ins or doing much traveling. Seems most of my traveling is to the Doctors but I hope that my health will soon be better. I am not holding regular classes during the balance of June, July or August. I am available and my students know to call me for a private lesson. Eloise continues to be her happy self, taking many sun baths on the deck and barking at all of the dogs in the neighborhood. I hope that all of you are having a great summer. Enjoy the beauty of the season and stay safe!



moosecraft said...

Beautiful Lilies! Those crabs look so yummy! We used to go crabbing here and then cook up a pot full... leave in the fridge for snacking on... Enjoy some lazy days of Summer!

Orange Sink said...

Hi Doris,
I feel bad that you are still having the issues with Blogger. Summers are meant to take a little time off and enjoy those flowers and all the great local dishes!
As for me I start my classes again in October. Two of my students from the last class have been meeting here at my house every other week and we hook together. I need to do a blog about them ( Jeannie just had heart valve replacement surgery) and Eva's husband
just had the same surgery. So we haven't been getting together for the last few weeks. They are coming along nicely on their hooking!
I am hoping your health gets better soon! Give Eloise a scratch behind the ear from me :))
Cathy G

Joanne said...

I love love love crabs! Never had the "whole crabs" - but wouldn't turn them down - LOL Your flowers are beautiful! Glad you and Eloise are doing good!

Julia said...

Dear Doris, it's good hearing from you. I'm sorry about your health problems, I shall keep you in my prayers.

Your Lilies are absolutely beautiful and the crabs and shrimps are all my favorite and so is lobster of course. I'm glad that Eloise is entertaining you while catching up on her sun bathing.

Blogger has been a pain for me too a while back but is working fine now. I hope that you still come by for a visit once in a while even though you can't leave a comment directly from Blogger.

One way that I could leave a comment was to Goggle the name of the blog that I wanted in the search engine, (I use Firefox ) and then I clicked on the name of the blog and the blog appears on the screen, then I could leave a comment.

I hope that you have a restful and enjoyable summer.

My Sourdough starter was a failure and I think that it's my water that is the problem. I'll try again with bottle water this the next time. Hugs, JBg

Courtney said...

How frustrating to keep having blogger block your comments! The crab and shrimp fest looks so yummy. Another blog had I am longing for shellfish! Your lilies are many wonderful colors. I can't wait to start a garden!
Good to hear from you!

Kim said...

Hi Doris,
Since getting my mouth back I have done nothing but stuff it with food, candy etc.
Your lilies are so beautiful. Right now all I have are a beautiful display of dandelions. LOL
I just had a few lobsters yesterday but I have never had a whole crab. Only ever from a can. I'm sure there is no comparison. Now you have made me want to try some.
Love to you and Eloise

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
So good to hear from you. I've been thinking about you and Eloise and hoping all is well.
Crab is one of my all-time favorites. You made my mouth water! Shrimp, too. Yum!
Beautiful lilies!
I plan to visit Eema again this week. Luckily she is only about 45 minutes from me.
Pug hugs to you and Eloise from me and Mo.

weaverpat said...

Those fresh-from-the-bay crabs look so good!!! Nothing compares to sitting at a table covered with brown paper cracking and eating steamed crabs. Glad you had a nice time with your family!
The lilies are lovely.
I hope you are taking time to relax on the deck and enjoy the nice weather.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Flowers are beautiful Doris, lovely pic's of them. My mouth still waters for crab when I see it. Just wish I could eat them. developing an allergy to them is not fun!
Hope you feel better real soon. take care of yourself...