Saturday, October 16, 2010


Saturday is always an interesting day at our house. One never knows what is going to transpire!

Eloise awaken me at 5am in need of a trip to the outside. That was fine because I felt slept out. She returned very quickly and of course, went immediately back to bed! I dressed and went to the kitchen to make coffee only to discover that my pot of sourdough starter, which was formenting on the kitchen counter, had over run it's container. What a mess! So first order of the day was to clean mess and make the starter comfortable again. I must say that this starter is really yeasty and powerful. It seems to rise out of its pot every time I feed it.

Around 9:30 Richard and Danyel arrived. I was surprised to see Danyel. This is the first time I have seen her since she left for college. I was surprised that she would take her home weekend to cme and mow grass.

Girls have to learn to take care of their cars. the tires needed air or else she just wanted to show how skilled she was -

After the mowing we were all out on the deck when I noticed that Eloise looked "funny."

What's wrong with your neck?

You're PURPLE!!

On both sides!!!

And on top too!
What in the world have you rolled in? Richard and Danyel looked all around the yard and we still can't figure it out unless there is a pokeberry bush that we couldn't see. However, after a "spot washing" she is now a light mauve color but does not seem to be spreading her color on the rugs or furniture. I suppose that her new dye job will just have to wear off. Like a bottle blond she will just have to grow out!
We decided that it was time to get the last of the garden plants taken out of the ground. Richard was surprised to find the following things still in good condition.
Lots and lots of Brussel Sprouts. We divided them up and I will be putting a lot of mine in the freezer. They are wonderful in soup and
stews in the winter.

Lots of peppers, mostly the really hot kind but
a few green ones that I kept and believe it
or not also 4 good tomatoes. The tomatoes were
a real surprise.
I asked Richard to set a few mouse traps under the sink and cabinets because this time of year they are looking for a warm refuge. It was just a precautionary measure on my part. When he put a trap in the cabinet under the kitchen sink he found water! WOW, another problem! He determined that the spray hose is leaking.
This is the way the sink looks now. Have to keep the spray hose
in the sink so water goes in sink instead of cabinet.
He'll be back tomorrow with parts to fix it!
All in all, it was a good day. Eloise and her new dye job gave us a great laugh, it was good to see Danyel, since we miss her very much. The weather is beautiful, altho a little nippy. The trees on the mountain are beginning to be very colorful and the view out of my kitchen window is lovely, especially in the morning, watching the sun come up over the mountains.
I hope that all of you are having delightful weather wherever you are and that your weekend is a joyous one.


Julia said...

Those little moments add spice to your life. Having had cats and dogs before I know that they can get into things. Maybe you dog was trying to impress a new dog in the

Lovely Brussels sprouts and peppers. I love Brussels sprouts.

My grand daughter planted a whole package of Brussels sprout and there are so many plants out back.

Your daughter seems to be self reliant.
Have a great weekend Doris. Hugs. JB

Orange Sink said...

Oh that Eloise! She is so funny and entertaining! I'll bet she wanted a little fun mauve streak in her hair but didn't know she was getting a bath out of the deal LOL!!
Enjoy that wonderful view Doris, it sounds heavenly!
Cathy G

acorn hollow said...

You must be an early riser to get up at 5 and say you have slept enough. My dad always said the best part of the day. Mom did not agree. We have a mouse in our kitchen and I am counting on the cat to do her job. she is 16 my husband said give her a break and set a trap.
the colors are getting dull here the wind and rain did a number on them.

Miss Kitty said...

Greetings Doris,

I wake up dad at all hours of the night too but not for letting me out, rather because I want attention and something to nibble on before the morning meal.

Thank you for visiting us and leaving a comment in support of my becoming Empress of California. We will make sure that there will be more purrs than iron paw power.

Wishing you a wonderful Sunday,
Miss Kitty and Egmont