Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Monday was the regular monthly meeting of the Blue and Gray hookers in Gettysburg. In last months post about this group, I told you that each month one member would bring rugs and put on a rug show. This month it was my turn to bring the rugs. However, I am going to let my rugs wait for another post. In this post I have pictures of the rugs being hooked by other members of the group. There was a smaller turn out than usual because of the holiday and also the Buckeystown Rug Camp started on Monday. Several of our members were attending camp and several were out of town for the holiday. However, from this picture you can see that we did have a turn out and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.
This double wedding ring rug has just been completed by Brenda. The colors are lovely in this piece. Sorry I had to take the picture on this crazy angle.

I think this is Peg's rug but I'm not sure. It is really a cute rug and so nicely done. Notice the blue ribbon on the left hand side of the rug!

This is Peggy's rug. It is a small piece that she designed. These are her shoes! And she says that she is still wearing some of them. A really great idea and the hooking technique is super.

A closeup of my favorite shoe in the piece.

This is a very sweet cross stitch done by Ann.
The stitches are so tiny and it is embellished
with tiny seed beads.
This piece is being hooked by Jan
Tiny little diamond shapes each containing
A small design
Such patience!
This is Becky's very large rug in progress.
A primitive being done with a large cut and lots
of interesting wools.
A closeup of some of the animals in the rug.
She wanted the rabbit to resemble a goat
thus the horns on the rabbit!

Last but certainly not least is Barb's angel.
She has hooked this on a wool backing
and it is a lovely piece. Wish I had taken
a better picture of it - it is truly a
charming piece.
All in all a very successful meeting of the Blue and Gray. This is a very talented group of ladies. I never fail to learn something every time I attend this group and I am proud to say that I have been hooking with them for the last 10 years.
I have to stop now and get ready to teach a class. In my next post I will show some of the rugs that I took for the group to look at. Hope you enjoy this tour of rugs and that all of you keep your hooks moving in the coming week.
Enjoy this beautiful weather and love one another.


Joanne said...

So nice to have all that inspiration and all those groups around you! Thanks for sharing

Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
Thanks for sharing all that talent. It looks like you still had a good crowd. I especially love Becky's rug.
Hugs to you and Eloise :)

moosecraft said...

Those are some super projects in progress! I don't think I'd have the same patience as Jan... but her rug is hooking up great! I like the one with all the animals too... very talented group of ladies!

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Thank you so much for taking the pictures of the hook-in and sharing them with us. Since my time was limited I didn't get to take as many pictures as I'd hoped. But you did it so well!
It's such a joy to be able to get together and talk with other hookers.
And especially thanks for taking the time and effort to bring your wonderful rugs for display! What a delight for the eyes!!!

Julia said...

Doris, all the rugs are beautiful but I'm intrigued by Jan's tiny diamonds with tiny designs rug. She must be very patient and have a lot of time to hook. It's beautiful. JB