Monday, August 2, 2010


On Saturday my daughter Joan, grandson Richard and I went to visit Vicki, our daughter, sister, and grand daughter, respectively. She lives in Southern Maryand in an area called Golden Creek. She and her husband, Paul, have a lovely home there that they share with their three dogs. Sorry I don't have pictures. I got so interested in the dogs I forgot to take pictures! The dogs are Simon, 10 years old, Shelby 2 years old and weighing in at 250 lbs., and Sir Stanley 5 months old, expected to weigh in at 350 when he is full grown. These are Mastiff's. They are truly the gentle giants of dogdom. They would be lap dogs if they fit.

After playing with the dogs we all piled into the cars and left for Pope's Creek with an afternoon planned around crabs. When we arrived, about 2 in the afternoon, this was the way the parking lot looked. Full to capacity. Would there be room for us?

Good thing that Vicki had made a reservation!
Walking from the car to the resturant, Vicki on the left and daughter Joan on right talking with her hand!

This is Gilligan's - favorite week-end hangout of residents of southern Maryland. Right on the Potomac River. Hard to tell what is Pope's Creek and the river.

In addition to the main resturant building there is this Tike Bar outside. Also, lots of sandy beach, a pier for docking, area for bands, and a great area for kids to play. Truly a family friendly place. A place for week-end fun as well as good eats.

Saturday the weather was wonderful. Lots of boats on the river, some very interesting to look at.

In the distance I could see the large bridge that crosses the Potomac from Maryland into Virginia. (the Nice bridge) I tried to take a picture of it but it was just to far for the camera to see.

Once we were inside the platters of crab began to arrive. It has been many years since I have seen and eaten such sweet and heavy crabs. This must have been a banner year for the crab. This wonderful "critter" is one of the perks for living in Maryland.

Grandson Richard starting to dismantle his first crab of the day.

In addition to crabs there were platters of shrimp, hush puppies and fritters.
This type of fare is one of the summer joys of Maryland. Along with its sweet corn and tomatoes it is what makes the hot humid days of this part of the country bearable.
We left Gilligan's around 4 in the afternoon. It is approximately a 2-1/2 hour drive from Hagerstown so it was time to start wending our way home. However we had to make one more stop on the way.

The ice cream shop! Here is Joan ordering her Sunday complete with whipped cream and a cherry on top. After all of those crabs and shrimp!!!

Looks lucious - have a bite?
Since I was not driving it was impossible for me to get some pics that I wanted to stop and take. Southern Maryland was at one time noted for it huge fields of tobacco plants. Since smoking has gone out of style most of the tobacco farms have gone out of business. However, we did pass two fields of tobacco. One of the interesting things about tobacco is its very large, very green leaf. The other interesting thing is it beautiful pink bloom. One of the fields that we passed was in full bloom and looked exceptionally nice. So beautiful - so deadly!
All in all it turned out to be a wonderful day. Just one more thing. As we were dirving around the Washington beltway the sun was shining on the golden statue of Gaberial at the top of the Morman temple. A truly lovely sight.

I hope that each and every one of you had a wonderful weekend. Our family is very small and it seems more and more important for us to spend time together. I hope that you remember to tell you family how much you love them and that you need their love and support.
Enjoy this brief cool spell as August comes to all of us on silent feet. Keep a positive thought until we meet again.


weaverpat said...

Doris, I'm so jealous! What a delightful trip!!! It has been so many years since I've been to a MD crab feast. Isn't it the greatest??? Zip is drooling!
Your family may be small, but they seem to be a happy group. You must have done a wonderful job as Mom and grandmother!
As for the Mormon cathederal, one morning years ago when Brad and I were Civil War re-enacting, we were on the beltway. The spires appeared out of the early morning mist. Truly magnificant!!!

Joanne said...

Oh Doris - those crabs looked mighty scrumptious - I love crabs and we do not have anything good here in PA! Looked like a great day with your family

Kim said...

What a great weekend. But after reading your post and looking at the pictures...I'm hungry! That platter of crabs looked amazing.