Monday, August 23, 2010


I can't believe how long it has been since I updated my blog! These past few weeks have been busy, trying and full of tramua. I have had an internal problem for the past 6 weeks. This culminated with a week of tests concluding with a cat scan. Finally I think the problem has been solved, at least the cause, and I am on the mend. There were times when I didn't have enough energy to even lift my hook or scissors.

A week ago Saturday, Richard and his wife gave a party cook-out in honor of their youngest daughter, Danyel, as she is departing for college this weekend. This will be her first experience away from home and her parents first experience in living without her. I think it is harder on the parents than on the child. I don't have any pictures of the party but as I was driving home the sun was shining brightly. However, over the applachains there was a storm. What a beautiful sight. I pulled off the road and took the following pictures. The storm over the road area but the edge over a farm. I am in bright sun.
The little white church on Rt. 67. A beautiful sight to behold.

One of the much disputed communication towers. I love the wonders of Mother Nature.
In spite of everything, I have been trying to make some sense out of my hooking room. I think this is almost an impossible job. However, I have managed to get about 200 swatches labeled and stacked on the shelves as well as the materials for primitives separated from the fine hooking wools.

Three shelves nearly completed and in neat and orderly array

Needless to say these shelves have not been touched. Most of the wools on these shelves fall into the category of "miscellaneous." It
is what to do with miscellaneous that has me stumped. The minute that I put all of this wool in containers and store it in the garage I will need what is stored. Oh, the delimina of a hooker!!! I do plan to keep trying to neaten this area. I can at least sort out the things that are my supplies and get them together on a shelf or two. Next week, maybe.
Now for progress on the new pictorial Yes, it is coming along. I really am having fun working on this piece. It is somewhat of a challenge as are all pictorials. I liken them to playing chess, gotta think 10 moves ahead of yourself or the color doesn't work.

I have finished the third pig - so all pigs are on the way to the market. Hope they survive the trip.

This is closeup of the child holding the baby pig. Don't think that I showed that in the last posting. I am not really pleased with her but do like the baby pig. I may rework this a bit but I do think that you can sometime over work an area and just make it worse.

This is a closeup of the road area. I am very pleased with the way this is turning out. It is my interpretation of a gravely, muddy road. I am using two different casseroled dyed pieces and two shades of brown. The brown is dyed with walnut hulls which gives a very soft and lovely brown. I never have been able to get this lovely soft brown with any commercial dyes. I am lucky to have a walnut tree in the front yard and so I collect the hulls every fall and make a large container of dye that lasts until the next crop of hulls.
Eloise is well recoved from her toe accident and has returned to her happy self. In fact, one of my students remarked last week that it was good to see Eloise "smiling" again.
I have more things but more of catching up in the next blog. Until then I will be sending good thoughts to all of you and hope that you will be sending good thoughts to all of your friends.


Kim said...

Somehow I must have missed your last post. That rug is awesome~ ~ You are doing a great job with the animals.

Doris said...

Thanks Kim

weaverpat said...

Hi Doris,
Glad you are finally feeling better! And this lovely fall-like weather should help.
The rug is coming along nicely. Like the colors of the road. You have been very busy with all the organizing, I see!
It makes hooking so much easier when the colors are all in order.
Hope to see you soon! Give Eloise a smooch for me.

Kathy (woolfind) said...

Happy to hear that you are on the mend Doris. Hope it continues and you are back to yourself real soon.
Love pic's of storms. They have so much energy in them.
You certainly have been busy with your hooking room. That is a lot of work getting all those swatches organized!! Hope to see you on Thursday...