Thursday, April 30, 2009

I went to the Cumberland Valley hooking group on Monday. It was a smaller group thanusual but a very pleasant experience. I always enjoy that group. This is a closeup of Naomi's rug - it is almost finished. Just a small amount of background to do. Naomi always turns out something beautiful.
This is a close up of Thelma's rug - just starting as opposed to Naomi's almost finished.
Linda Keller, the owner of the Grant Street Woolery decided to have an open hook-in on Wednesday since so many hookers would be going to the Salvation Army sale and we would all be out and about. It was a great excuse to get together for gossip and hooking. Thank you, Linda.

This is Pat's "Basket of Flowers" rug. The colors are soft and warm. She is doing her usual good job.

Here is Pat and two of the ladies. Always conversation is at its peak in the hook-ins.

Kathy and Joanne looking at wools to purchase. I cannot believe the size of the stock of wools in this shop. How lucky to have Linda and her husband supporting all of us hookers. It has been years since a shop of this caliber has been open in this area.

Louie came to visit and found Marion to be a perfect "patsy." Such a cutie. He and Bo often come to class and are a joy to all of us.

Marion's eagle rug is well underway altho she is still fussing about the stars and may yet change some of them.

Rick, Linda's husband came to visit. He is looking at Sherill's work. We were lucky to have Sherill with us. She is visiting from Indiana and when I last saw her, just a I was leaving, she had an arm load of wool. She also found Linda's large stock of wools irrestiable!
I have to quit for today - have a doctor's appointment so must get myself on the ball.
Have a happy hooking week. I will be teaching my "stitches" workshop at the Woolery this Saturday. There are still 2 spaces available - if you are interested please call Linda or e-mail me at
Thought for the day -
The best vitamin for making friends - B1

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Joanne said...

Hi Doris - love your quote about being a friend! Just added your link to my blog! Great pics - except the one of me! Thanks for showing me how you do the finishing of your rugs - great seeing you Wednesday! joanne