Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Its a beautiful and small, small world. My daughter Joan and grandson Richard came over on Sunday. In a spontaneous move we started cleaning out the winter accumulation in the garage. A lot was accomplished and the trash man will be surprised! Still plenty more to do. After that chore was finished, we inspected the yard and the new garden that we put in last fall. Many little green things have stuck their heads up and my minature crocus's and snow drops are in bloom. These little beauties are very brave and sturdy as well as the first harbingers of spring.

These tiny yellow crocus's are truly beautiful!

My daughter Joan is a teddy bear maker. She had arranged an appointment with the manager of The Inn Boonsboro Gift Shop for Monday morning. She packed up 4 bears and several other fiber arts and together we headed to Boonsboro. I took two rugs as I was also interested in this gift shop. Her bears were a hit with the manager as well as my rugs. I thought you might like to see her bears. They are adorable, each has a name, and their facial expressions are all different.

These bears are all articulated and great fun to play with and to look at. So much for the beautiful world.

Now for the small world. On Saturday I attended the monthly meeting of the Hand and Heart ATHA guild meeting. I am ever amazed at the interest in rug hooking among the young women of this area. The are enthused and creative. We had 3 new attendees at this meeting. One of the gals was someone that I had worked with more than twenty years ago. Of course, we have both changed. When I knew her long ago she was in her twenties, and newly married. Now a matured lady with several children and into the hobbies of many housewives. We talked a bit and tried to catch up but it really was not the proper place to do so, so we are going to try to get together and hook and catch up.

The rug for this blog is a half round designed by Pearl McGown and hooked by me some time ago. It is "Strawberry Basket," - all wool cut by hand about a size 5 or 6 width. It was great fun to do. I hope you like it.

You can see this rug at The Inn Boonsboro Gift Shop.

In closing, I want to send my love and prayers to my friend Kathy. May all of your shingles in the future be upon you roof!!

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Kathy (woolfind) said...

Hey Doris,
Your daughters bears are too cute. Very nice work. A whole family of talent!
That is so great you ran into an old friend. Hope you two do take the time to get together to really catch up...
Your strawberry basket is wonderful, and goodluck to you and your daughter with putting stuff in that shop. Hope you both do well!
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers for the shingles. I'm getting a little better each day, and hoping I will feel 100% soon! Hope to see you in Chambersburg at the end of the month..