Friday, March 13, 2009

I spent Thursday morning in the doctors office getting my 3 monthly checkup. Some good news and some bad news. This visit made me know that I have to stop fooling around and get those little projects that just need an hour or two to finish - finished. So my plans for Sunday afternoon are to put the binding on "Apples for Lunch" and mount the sculptured rose that I just finished.

This morning (Friday the 13th) I spent at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts. This was a great experience. I met with Rebecca Lane, the museum director and Amy Hunt the program educator. The museum is sponsoring a hooked rug show and they had called me and asked for my imput. These ladies are so enthusiastic about this show and are looking forward to the outreach possibilites in the community. They liked the suggestions I had about showing newly created rugs along with the antique rugs and also the suggestion that some of the rugs be displayed in a manor that they could be carefully examined.

This was my first visit to the museum. I have really been missing a wonderful thing. This is a small but oh, so beautiful, place. A lovely china collection, some wonderful paintings, glass and a building to die for. What a wonderful place to display art. I hope that all of you rug makers out there will want to cooperate with these ladies and take part in what promises to be a wonderful program.

This is the entrance to the museum. It is easy to get to from Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Washington, D.C.

I find it hard to "post a blog" without putting in something about a rug so here is an update on my PA Parrot Rug.

As I was hooking I realized that I did not want anything to take away from the parrots. I wanted the flowers to be soft and not intrusive. I had to wait until the rug told me what it wanted in the flowers. Now that the center one is done and all of the borders ones are finished, I can finish the rug without another hitch in my getalong. I am going to dye the material for the outer background this afternoon,

Tomorrow I am teaching my sculpting workshop and I am looking forward to doing it. I always learn so much from my students that teaching is a real joy for me. Keep hooking and learning and don't forget about the rug show. Also I would encourage you to keep in mind the Washington County Ag Fair - so get those rugs ready.


Kathy (woolfind) said...

Doris, the bird rug is stunning! Can't wait to see it in person.
Hope your bad news you got isn't too serious. Your day at the museum sounded wonderful. How great that those women called you and asked you for input. Hope you get to go again!

Beth said...

your birds are beautiful!! so life like i could reach out and touch them i love the tailfeathers! the museum i havent been there in years shame on me we have so many wonderful historic things in our town and i take them for granted, cant wait till the rug show at museum did they have a date yet? thanks for posting a pic of a rug with your blog i love that most of all!! keep up the good work!