Monday, June 10, 2013


Some little time ago (3 years) Beth S, the president of our ATHA Chapter told me that
she had a rug that had been hooked many years ago by a lady that had passed away.  
It was to be a wedding gift
for her daughter, who is now in her
seventies.  The wedding was a long time ago!
Of course, the rug was unfinished and
Beth,  who does mostly primitive hooking
wanted some help with finishing.

The rug finally made it to my house
and I was "hooked: on finishing this rug.
It was an early Pearl McGown
design called "Patrician. number 714."
Obviously an early pattern design.
This rug really spoke to me and this is what it
told me.

The lady that hooked this had had a
lot of experience hooking rugs.
Her technique was impeccable.
The back of this rug is as beautiful as the front.
My guess is that it was hooked in the
late 50's or 60's.
The rug is hooked in soft pink, 
dull green and a soft mauve background.
The background material is "off the
bolt" with nothing done to it.
In addition, the rug told me that
the burlap was getting stiff and dry.

Now, for the finishing of the rug!
All four corners need to be finished.

As you can see all of background of the corner and part of the design need to be finished.
I lucked out in that years ago I had
bought a bolt of the mauve background
color from Dorr and I still had some.
A perfect match!
This is what 3 of the unworked corners looked like.
When I looked thru my stach of old
wools I found a Colorama Swatch,
dyed by Leona Cook, the orginal owned
of Colorama.  Pink, and also a perfect
match.  How lucky can you get?
Beth tells me she has the green
wool in a closet full of "stuff" and will get it for me.
Close up of the center of the rug.
As you can see, the colors are very soft.
It is a beauty!

I can't wait to finish this project.
Hopefully it will be a Christmas present
for the daughter.

As for Eloise and me, we are in the dye
pots and coming to the end of our
teaching season.  Looking forward to a
relaxing summer.
Quote of day,
Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, courage is what it takes to sit down and listen.
Winston Churchill
Doris and Els


Rugs and Pugs said...

Doris ~
What a wonderful rug and how fortunate to have the same wool from years ago. I mean, really,what are the chances? Please continue to update us on your progress.
Hugs to you and Els :)
Lauren & Ellie

Julia said...

What a beautiful rug. It looks so feminine. What a great luck to have the very same color that match perfectly...

I would love to see it finished.

Hugs for you and Eloise

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