Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love surprises!

About 10 days ago I got a lovely surprise.
My friend Ginny ( a member of the Mason/Dixon
chapter of ATHA) sent me a box.
It arrived at the time that I was beginning to fee;
like a human being again.

The first thing I saw when I opened the box
was this cute tote bag.
The Mason/Dixon Chapter of ATHA is
preparing to participate in the
Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival
The first weekend in May.
 Ginny'said that she had been very busy
hooking these darling little sheep and attaching
them to tote bags for the festival.
Wouldn't you like to take your newly
purchased wool home in this cute tote?
 Included in the box was two large size woolen
skirts that she wanted me to give to my students.
These skirts are 100 percent wool and have lot of
material in them,
I have given them to my students who are
very grateful for the gift.  Thanks Ginny!
 In the package, for me, I'm not sharing!
was this large jar of trail mix.  Nuts, raisins
and some chocolate covered goodies.
Since I am supposed to eat lots of things with potassium
I need no excuse to munch on this delightful
treat off and on all day!
 Ginny also included a picture of this wonderful
oriental rug hooked by her mother, Mrs. Ruth Dietzel,
who passed away last year.
Mrs Dietzel was one  of the first people in the
hooking world that I met when I started to hook.
I spent many a pleasant hour with her.
Needless to say, Mrs. Dietzel was a wonderful
rug hooker.  Her oriental rugs were to
envy and drool over.
I thought you would enjoy seeing this rug.

Thanks again, Ginny for thinking of me.  It's great to have friends like you.

Until we meet again, be safe and be happy.


moosecraft said...

Ooooh the little sheep on the tote bag is so cute! That's a lot of detail in the rug! Gorgeous!

Orange Sink said...

What a nice surprise package to receive! A sheep tote and those treats look way yummy!!
Glad you are feeling better and sure is good to see a post! Hope you are able to keep up the teaching and your students will love getting that wool!!
Cathy G

Julia said...

Hi Doris, I'm so glad that you received this cute sheep tote bag with all the goodies from your friend Ginny. It's just so thoughtful of her. I hope that you are feeling much better and I hope that your potassium level will get better.

My dad was suffering from low potassium once because of some pills he was taking that was depleting his potassium. He felt so tired and depressed and didn't know why until the DR took a blood test and remedied the situation.

Have a great weekend. Hugs, Julia

Rugs and Pugs said...

Hi Doris ~
So good to hear from you again!!!
What great goodies you got in the mail. That trail mix does look yummy and is making me hungry.
Hugs to you and Els :)

weaverpat said...

What a nice surprise!
Doris, I'm so glad you are feeling better and getting the hooking spirit back again!
Hope you are enjoying your new little family member. Do you get to see the dear baby often???
Spring seems ton have hade a setback this week but hiopefuylly it will soon be time for enjoying the outdoors from the deck.
Love to you and Els!