Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Last Saturday the Boonsboro Chapter of Atha met at the Boonsboro Library and I dropped in for a short time. I'm sorry there are no pictures of that group - I forgot my camera! I stayed only a short time because my family was getting together to spend the day and have a luncheon together. It proved to be a delightful day with lots of laughs. I often think that my grandson missed his calling - should have been a standup comedian. Pictured below is my great grand daughter Danyel and my daughter Joan.

On Monday I went to the Blue and Gray meeting in Gettysburg. This is the first time the group has met since December. A death in the family and all of the snow has kept us at bay. The turnout was great! Everyone so glad to be together again and wait until you see the rugs on display. We have all been so busy creating beautiful rugs.
Here is Joan working away with Pat, Barb and several others in the background.

Another group across the room.

You can see, so many turned out. Marian is working on another beautiful rug.
Now for the rug show!

This charming little boy with dog was hooked by Barb and made into a pillow. She found a wool plaid that matched the colors in the piece and used it as a backing. Very effective.

I don't know who hooked this lovely fall scene. Sorry I didn't get all of the names. There were many pieces and I did not attempt to photograph them all.

This is a very small portion of a long, long runner hooked by Joan. It is a hit or miss in beautiful soft colors. Truly a beautiful rug.

This is a small portion of a very large and extremely beautiful rug hooked by Marian. It will soon appear in one of the hooking magazines.

A closeup of one of the roses in the center of this rug. Wonderful artistry.

This charming little boy with dog was hooked by Brenda. I believe it has been hooked for her grandson.

I couldn't resist - I had to take a closeup of the little boy. He is so cute!

This is the next beautiful rug being created by Marian. She is such a wonderful hooker. Her rugs make you think that you could pick the flowers right off of the rug. A master rug hooker!
When I see all of these wonderful projects it makes me want to come home and hook, hook, hook. It is so inspirational to go to this group. The projects are always interesting and the members are so nice. This group of ladies truly personifies what a hooking group is all about - caring and sharing.
We missed Ann, one of the founders of this group. We all hope you are feeling better and will be with us next month.
I hope that you have enjoyed this little rug show and that it gives you incentive to keep that hook moving across the backing. I have a busy week - car in the shop for a complete check-up, have to get stitches out of Eloise's eye and am teaching a dyeing workshop on Saturday. Sooooooo until next time I hope all of you are taking advantage of this beautiful weather and looking forward to spring.


Joanne said...

Sounds like you had a great few days there Doris - as always - thanks for the pics - always nice to see what others are working on! HOpe Eloise is okay

Anonymous said...

Doris, Looked like a wonderful hook-in. I can't wait to visit the Blue and Gray. The red rose rug is absolutely gorgeous. The one with the autumn scene with the Round Barn is hooked by Joan Strasbaugh. I got to see it in person and it is very, very nice!
Hope you had fun Thursday and will talk to you later.