Sunday, June 16, 2013

I can't believe that I have not posted
since last Thanksgiving.
Our household was so upset at that time
that I guess I should not be surprised.
Our Joan was in the hospital and very ill.
She's well on the road to recovery now and
we are so grateful  

 I spent most of the winter just
resting up for spring!  Mom's got
some great "upside down" pictures of me.

Our deck has been cleaned and mom has
planted an "herb" garden.
This consists of two large planters filled
with herbs.

  1.  This is a brand new pot and it sure is
  2. pretty.  She put it on a stand so I would stay
  3. out of it.  It has chives, basil, parsley
  4. and oregano planted in it.

This is closeup of the herbs,
They are really growing fast!  Mom says that 
she will start cutting and freezing some
of them pretty soon so that we can have
them all winter in our soup. 

 This is the pot of basil only.
It has four different kinds in it.
The one closest to the front is
lemon basil.
This is the one that I like to eat.  I only do it when she is not looking (lol)
I got caught with a leaf in my mouth.
She just laughed!

 She also planted some lovely flowers,
She has petunias, begonias, vinca vines and
lots of other stuff on the deck.
It sure does look pretty.
We have our morning coffee and most
of the time our lunch on the deck.

So far this spring and summer I have only found
one snake and one baby toad.
That toad sure hopped a lot.  I showedhim/her 
that I could hop just as well as it could.
I hopped every time it did!

Guess that all the news that's fit to print!
We will be celebrating Christmas
on July 27th.
I can harly wait.
I need to rest up so I can be in
top form.  I'll let you know how
Christmas turns out


Julia said...

Hi Elouise, it's so nice hearing from you and you still look like a spry puppy.

How smart of your mom to plant some easy care herb garden in pots on her deck. My favorite of all the herbs has to be the sweet basil. I make my own pesto with it. yummy. I haven't planted any herbs or vegetable yet this year. I better get to it. The weather has been so rainy and cold. It was hot today but it's raining again now. I can't seem to get all my weeding done.

You look nice and relaxed in mom's cosy bed.

I'm sorry to hear that Joan has been very ill. I hope that she will feel all better soon.

Take care of mom and guard her herb garden.

Julia said...

Sorry I misspelled your name Eloise

Rugs and Pugs said...

Dear Els ~
Well, it's about time! So good to hear from you. Mom sure got some great pics of you. You look like you are smiling.
Mom's herbs are doing great. Leave them alone, OK?
I'm sorry to hear about Joan but happy to hear she is on the road to recovery.
Give mom a big, sloppy kiss from Ohio.
Pug & JRT hugs :)

Kim said...

Hi Eloise
You are just as beautiful as ever. I bet you had lots of fun hopping around that poor little toad :) But the image of it did make me smile. And I pictured you with a basil leaf sticking out of your mouth!
Hugs to you and your Mom from Me and Millie

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Lily Allen said...

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